Saturday, August 11, 2012

Weight Loss and Energy

One of the most common complaints dieters have is the lack of energy, zest or vitality they feel when on a diet. This is the most classic symptom of a poor nutrition plan and it should be the red flag warning you to halt whatever it is that you're doing.
In reality, the best way to gauge the effectiveness of your weight loss system is through the energy and motivation you feel while taking it on. If you are not actively engaged, excited and active in your health and fitness goals, you will never achieve weight loss success. This article explains how weight loss and energy, when applied properly, are an essential pairing in the pursuit of your goals.
Think of your body as a battery that recharges every night when you go to sleep. Most people require 6-8 hours of sleep every night to attain the absolute best restorative benefits that sleep offer, but for a lot of us that much time off is out of the question. Our busy lives have made it almost impossible to give our bodies everything it needs in one way; the good news, however, is that this problem is easily solved through the foods you eat.
Most flash diets 'work' by isolating and/or eliminating the elements of your meals; we see this most prominently in the low carb, high protein diets that so many have tried and ultimately failed with. These diet food plans inevitably come up short because they leave us exhausted, depressed and therefore liable to return to the poor habits that brought you to the diet in the first place. Further, they deny the fundamental principle that energy and weight loss go hand in hand.
The first indicator that anyone should have to know that they are losing weight properly is not on the scale; rather, it is in their liveliness and energy.
It is absolutely crucial to fill your body with the right mix of complex carbohydrates, protein and fat. A generally good guideline is to make your meals high in carbs (yes, carbs), moderate in protein and low (but not depleted of) fat. Your meals should fall within 100 calories of each other; that means no small breakfasts, no evening feasts and absolutely no skipped meals, in fact you should be eating 5 meals daily.
This is about sustaining a consistent and efficient fat burning machine within your body, it's not about fancy foods or miracle drinks; it's real, scientific, systematic weight loss. And it lasts. Fuel your energy and the weight will stay off.


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